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Tun-Wen Pai

Ph.D., Duke University
Office: Room 0336, Technology Building
Telephone: 886-2-2771-2171 ext.4222
Email: twp@ntut.edu.tw


bioinformatics, functional genomics, immunoinformatics, medical data analysis, biomarker detection, systems biology


Dr. Pai's current researches can be categorized into two major areas:
(1) Medical informatics and precision medicine. Dr. Pai’s lab develops effective algorithms to discover disease trajectories for any target disease from big medical databases. Significant disease trajectory patterns can be identified from longitudinal medical records and incorporate with gene sequencing techniques to identify effective biomarkers. These validated biomarkers are applied to develop effective diagnostic panel kits for specified target diseases.
(2) Bioinformatics and immunoinformatics. Dr. Pai’s lab has developed several linear and conformational epitope prediction systems. His lab adopted machine learning-based algorithms on all curated data to design an improved epitope prediction tool for biomedical researchers. The in silico epitope prediction prior to biological experiments is a practical and standard strategy for both biomedical researchers and immunologists regarding various immunology-related applications such as epitope-based vaccine design and disease prevention, diagnosis, and treatment.


Dr. Pai received his Ph.D. degree in electrical and computer engineering from Duke University, Durham, NC, USA, in 1993. From 1993 to 1996, he joined the Telecommunication Laboratories governed by the Ministry of Transportation and Communications of Taiwan, where he served as an associate researcher and a project leader to develop kernel technologies in intelligent official document analysis and optical character recognition systems. After three years in governmental research laboratories, he switched to academic fields as an associated professor. He was a faculty member in Department of Computer Science and Engineering, National Taiwan Ocean University for 21 years where he served as the Department Chairman from 2002 to 2004. He works currently as a full professor at the Department of Computer Science and Information Engineering, National Taipei University of Technology, Taipei, Taiwan.


Dr. Pai has received several teacher awards from National Taiwan Ocean University. He served as regular program committees for several international conferences in the areas of bioinformatics, and he also served as a chief guest editor of several special issues for the journal of Biomed Research International.