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The major missions of the department are given as follows:

(1) Commitment in supporting the development of country

The computer industry has been considered consistently as one of the top national high-tech industries that are strongly empowered by the government. The computer and information industry generates a major share of the overall revenue produced by the manufacturing and service industries in Taiwan. For the years to come, the computer and information industry will continously play an essential role in the future economic development of the country. Thus, educating students with professional knowledge and engineering discipline in advanced information technology becomes crucial for supporting the economy growth of the country.

(2) Commitment in meeting the growing needs of society

Currently, the growing computer industry needs a great number of professionals specialized in information technology. However, the number of information engineering students produced by universities is unable to satisfy such a demand. According to the surveys conducted by official and by private organizations, the number of students in computer science related majors is extremely incapable to meet the current demand and the future growth of computer industry. The educated students of our department can help to relieve the shortage of information technology professionals and benefit the future growth of computer industry.

(3) Commitment in promoting the development of local businesses and industry

The department is located in the Kuang-Hwa business district where various electronic equipments and computer hardware/software providers have clustered. This gives possibilities for the department to engage student activities with those providers within the district so as to provide students more opportunities to gain practical experiences in the workplace. Furthermore, the location of the department is very close to the national software science-based industrial park in Nan-Kang, Taipei. This highly benefits the joint developments between the department and the high-tech companies in the industrial park. With the opportunities provided by the location, the department strives for embracing local businesses, industry, and the professions to raise the level of science and technology, and for achieving the objectives of the university - conduct outstanding research and develop practical and cutting-edge technology to promote the growth of businesses and industry.