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Development & Prospects

The department has developed and continoulsly enhanced strong core programs in Multimedia Technology, Internet Applications, and Distributed Computing. Based on the three core areas, the department commits to excel in developing practical and cutting-edge information technologies and educating graduate-level professionals that meet computer industry needs.

The Multimedia Technology, Internet Applications, and Distributed Computing are the core technologies of the-state-of-art applications in information technology. They are considered as the major technologies for corporations to increase the efficiency and productivity of their operations. In particular, the developments of Multimedia Technology facilitate the expanding of the computer technology from traditional applications in computing to diverse applications in information processing with user-friendly and personalized interfaces.

Moreover, the developments of Internet Applications and Distributed Computing technologies facilitate the explorations of various applications which ever never have. Due to the constant hardware/software improvement and the advance of network technology, the geographical restrictions on the resource utilization, information sharing, and resource sharing are gradually eliminated. This introduces many new kinds of Web applications based on the World Wide Web (WWW) infrastructure, such as Distance Learning, Electronic Commerce, Intranet/Extranet, and Electronic Conference. At the same time, the explorations of Internet Applications and Distributed Computing technologies also facilitate a broad range of new applications in network computing, which can be viewed as the extension of WWW, including Mobile Computing, Clustered Computing, Data Mining, Intelligent Agents, and Network Security, etc.

Furthermore, the BPR (Business Process Reengineering), ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning), CID (Computer Integrated Distribution), and SCM (Supply Chain Management) have recently gaining a high popularity among businesses. They become the core technologies for corporations to maintain their competence strengths and to explore new potential markets, and are viewed as the Information Technology Enabler for enterprises. In order to enable the software companies of our country to share the highly competed business computing market, the development of cutting-edge technologies as well as providing a healthy influx of qualified professionals in the Internet Applications, web services and Distributed Computing areas become extremely urgent and important.

Faculty and staff members of the department are highly motivated and strongly committed to excellent teaching and research to achieve the above objectives. The department also strives for establishing strong programs in its outlined core technologies with (1) focus on the application-oriented research exploration and technology development, (2) stress on both system design methodologies and practical implementation experiences, and (3) emphasis on the close collaborations and joint projects with industry.