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Research Areas Introduction

The department of Computer Science and Information Engineering (CSIE) at Taipei Tech is recognized for its research activities. Our research grant comes from a variety of sources including MOST and other governmental institutes or enterprises. We focus on application-oriented research exploration and technology advancement, system design methodologies, and practical implementation experiences, as well as collaborations and joint projects with the industry. Three notable research fields include Multimedia Systems, Network Systems, and Software systems as follows.


Software Engineering and Systems


  The main tracks for the study on Software Systems are software technology and distributed computing. The related research topics include software engineering, agile process, software design, software development, software testing, cloud testing platforms, service-oriented computing, object-oriented technique, intelligent agents, Information security and distributed systems.


Artificial Intelligence and Multimedia Systems


  In the area of Multimedia Systems, we focus on multimedia systems and transmission, embedded systems and wearable technology, as well as computer graphics and data visualization. The related research topics include video coding and transmission, smart TV, computer visualization, advanced driver assistance systems, wearable devices, computer animation, computer games, augmented and virtual reality, human-computer interaction and modeling.


Information Security and Network Systems


  The main tracks we explore on the Network Systems are wireless and broadband network systems, internet platforms and applications, social networks as well as data management and mining. The core developing technologies include mobile computing, sensor networks, Internet of Things, optical networks, software defined networks, cloud computing, data management, mobile Apps, data mining, social networks and location-based services.


In addition, state-of-the-art research topics such as big data analysis, artificial intelligence (AI), cloud/fog computing, green communication, social web mining, and bioinformatics are also actively explored among our research groups. Interested readers are encouraged to browse the websites of our various featured labs for more research activities and achievements in detail.